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Thumbology Youth Programs

Thumbology: Defining Your Desired Directions Step-By-Step©
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Thumb (thum) n. 1. The short inner digit of the hand. 2. To glance through the pages of.
 3. To solicit by pointing the thumb in the desired direction.
ology (ǒl’ə-jē) n. 1. Study. 2. Expression; Discourse: A branch of learning.

Source: Random House Webster’s II Dictionary

Why The Thumbology: Thumb Program:

In today’s ever changing marketplace, it is imperative that students and young people are exposed to the different dimensions of life planning systems.  Self-empowerment tools and planning know-how offer new insights and discoveries that produce citizens with unmovable endurance, whether their goals are to be a student, work within a company or be an entrepreneur. It is mandatory that young people understand life equity potentials in order to manifest, manage and maintain successful lives.

About The Program: The Thumb Program ©

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The Thumb Program is a measurable and trackable program that provides self discovery and goal planning navigational tools, and explores careers and industry opportunities using a Reality Mentoring System from proven professionals. The program helps young people with solution building skills, life planning, preparation for social change, concept development, competitive peer pressure, career direction, and self determination. Each participant identifies and defines his/her passions, career or life mission and designs a customized personal map or blueprint that helps each one to successfully navigate and manage the journey to reaching specific goals.

The Thumb Program uses the core marketing and brand development principle-planning tools such as: who, what, when, where, and how to identify trends and self-brand equity -- creating a plan that helps young people discover what they want; tap into their personal genius; develop positive leadership characteristics and behaviors; and achieve their goals.

How It Works:

Thumbology is an interactive book that requires each student to perform a task or complete an exercise before moving on to the next directive, or mission. Thumbology is positioned as a planning tool and compass. The process offers insight on what to expect on the journey and tools on how to stay focused and on track during challenging times, coupled with encouragement when needed.

Unique Reality Mentor Support System:

    • Note: Access is available once participant has completed the Journey Map in the Thumbology book.
    • Thereafter, the Thumb Program will support and provide all program related needs (e.g.. workbooks, scheduling support, downloadable newsletters, visits from mentors, special event planning, positive message posters also are available, along with additional sponsorship or material support where needed based on written agreement).
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