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The value of a week is not only measured by what we accomplish; it’s also measured by what we learn and become as a result of our experience. For this reason, no week’s experience would be complete without some kind of evaluation that enables us to process it. Through learning we re-create ourselves. Through learning we also extend our capacity to create for others. Source: First Things First

TCB360 provides customized training and development programs, products and services that help small businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations and educational clients “learn” how to improve performance, reach and efficiency through accountable and measurable models – bottom-line BUILD A GREAT BRAND that delivers increase profits.  Any business or professional interested in these staples of success will benefit from a TCB360 event, workshop or seminar. Whether a client is interested in a personal development solution, brand building, brand development, market segmentation, strategic planning, media metrics, measurement, consumer behavior analysis or implementation, LaTanya Junior of TCB360 can develop a relevant program that seamlessly meets the need.

TCB360 provides participants with a transformative learning and brand experience that transcends the classroom.  Our courses have significant impact on both individual performance and the organization as a whole. Through quantitative and qualitative methods in lectures, case studies, video and audio examples, interactive lecturing, hands-on exercises, and visionary and scenario planning, participants gain a better understanding of their brand’s identity, customers, goals, and marketplace behaviors.  Individuals and small groups work together to gain hands-on practice in applying tactics and theories.  They also evaluate new business opportunities and innovative concepts based on forecasting, measurement and analysis of consumer behavior. The knowledge gained in this program is put to the test as participants are required to develop individual plans for their business.

Beyond the traditional classroom experience, TCB360’s programs are designed to deeply engage participates.  We blend program components with life lessons, the human story, practical approaches and new techniques - all leading to extraordinary eye opening insights.  Our clients include small businesses, entrepreneurs, brand managers, marketing executives, business professionals and diverse organizations. 

In addition to course learning, TCB360 conducts seminars and lectures tailored for the particular audience or the specific needs or goals set out by the client.  In essence, TCB360 customizes educational programs per client based on the client's vision, business goals, culture, operating environment and objectives. These programs can also be licensed for ongoing training.

TCB360’s Tutoring by Subject, Tutoring by Industry and Tune-up Coaching

We have found it helpful for clients to integrate what they have learned into daily application. For this reason, TCB360 also provides coaching services.  We follow-up, encourage, brainstorm and reinforce program content.

Additional coaching services are available through our online portal. delivers interactive problem solving, knowledge and solutions by the slice.  It is an excellent resource for long-term support. is a reinforcement channel that encourages, supports and keeps participants engaged during their business life cycle.  All of these things combined, level the playing field for small businesses.  In essence, they have their very own 360-degree expert Brand Developer, Marketer and Planning Consultant - just like Fortune 500 companies, but for much less.


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