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TCB360 has over 120,000 loyal smart business followers in 64 countries!

Our Story: Responding To The Small Business Marketplace Around the World

I (LaTanya Junior) met a wonderful small business advocate,
Ms. Vashti Johnson, Director of the Hudson County, New Jersey Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in 2001. She invited me to participate as a marketing consultant to the SBDC small businesses; I've give my program the name the Corporate Boutique TCB360. I led dozens of marketing workshops and one-on-one mentoring relationship programs in the evening and on weekends. This offered an aggressive, direct feedback tracking system from hundreds of mature small businesses and jump starters – from many different industries and backgrounds.

Also, at that time, I worked for Ogilvy & Mather one of the worlds’s leading marketing and brand development company - as a Partner, Director of Strategic Planning.

In 2001, I walked away from the corporate world….my plans were to take the most critical proven tools and methods that were used to grow fortune 100 companies having often billions in profits – and share, teach and empower the small business community around the world. In other words, leverage “know-how” and “increase the profits” process playing ground --shrinking the gap between big business success and small businesses success.

I enlisted one of the brilliant unsung minds in big marketing and grassroots marketing Tawanna Mathews. She agreed to help me save the world (smile). She joined the TCB360 Smart Business team and the journey began. Within two years, we had “hands-on” consulted with nearly 1000 small businesses throughout the country and Canada.

We knew a few big challenges and changes were around the corner: the world was changing and many profits generating tools and methods were fast becoming outdated. These changes would directly affect big and small companies’ growth, value propositioning, customers’ expectations, and market conditions – the list goes on. We needed a model that would adapt and adjust tactics accordingly with the fast new consumer empowered and completive marketplace.

The insights we gain from small businesses, coupled with our big business growth models and new technology – navigated the development of one of the simplest, intelligential frameworks and new age models that’s driving the success of tens of thousands of small businesses and organization around the world.

LaTanya, CEO of TCB360 has facilitated over 400 in person workshops, authored three books available in over 20,000 bookstores, taught over 600 global radio broadcast business lessons and had produced or 25 CD Lectures. Her radio show is distributed by LIVE365 – ranks #17 in talk radio worldwide in the family LIVE365 over 7,000 shows.

Our network of clients around the world, those we have mentored, coached or taught, how to do it yourself or through our full service agencies TCBa3 and the Green Apple Agency – where we do it for you. We share the following testimonials:

Tanya B., Course Taker and Skype Coaching Session “Let me say that I really enjoyed your class last month and look forward to tomorrow.”

Dorinne D., Taker and Skype Coaching Session “I need you to stay with me in order to help keep me on track, this will insure my successful; wonderful experience.”

Laurie Spar, Vice President, General Manager of The Direct Marketing Educational Foundation, Inc. - “Our students valued the opportunity to learn from a real-world practitioner, and we enjoyed having you as a speaker. The engaging way you told real-life marketing success stories, punctuated with actual statistics and results (most impressive, by the way, rarely have we seen a speaker deliver such valuable information from memory) was only exceeded by your dynamic personality and articulate presentation skills.”   New York, New York 

David C., TCB360 Radio Online listener – “I recently came across your broadcast on and I love what I heard. Thank you.”

Yvonne C., Course Taker “I just wanted to drop you a note to say, “Thank you” for the class you presented on June 18th. You are an amazing wealth of information. I learned so much in your class I didn’t want it to end. Your energy and spirit are empowering. I look forward to receiving more understanding (…”in all thy getting, get understanding” – Prov. 4:7) in your next class!”

Stacy M., Course Taker “Excellent”!!!

Tendai Ndoro, Regional Director, the State University of New Jersey Rutgers Newark, Small Business Development Center - “Your eloquent, knowledgeable and stimulating delivery was one of the best presentations I have witnessed.  The participants who attended the seminar have been calling our office to express their appreciation and compliment you on how the information and strategies you shared with them was so valuable and such an eye-opener in helping them understand their small business marketing needs and branding approaches. Therefore on their behalf as well, thank you for sharing your valuable expertise and knowledge.” Newark New Jersey

Jelynne, Small Business Owner - “I was one of those fortunate enough to have experienced your workshops.”  Union, New Jersey

Kristen, Small Business Owner - “It was a great workshop, I feel so excited about getting my business going. You are so empowering. Thank you for sharing that with all of us.”  New Jersey.

Mr. Zeesham - Associate Director, William Paterson University, SBDC - "On behalf of William Paterson Small Business Development Center, we would like to thank you for presenting two stellar seminars on "Defining Your Marketing Program and Business Potential". The attendees could not stop raving about the knowledge gained from the seminars. The information disseminated regarding small business was pertinent to every entrepreneur looking to establish his or her own business. And those who were not able to attend were greatly saddened having missed the seminars. Paterson, NJ

Rae, Entrepreneur - The information you provided was very exciting, and it was given in such a down-to-earth, dynamic and fun manner. You have incredible energy! I came away truly inspired”. Cook County, Illinois

William - “The workshop and workbook feel like the perfect parent all small businesses need.”  New Jersey

Geena, Contracted Entrepreneur - “Just wanted to let you know that your workshop really opened by eyes to new possibilities and realities.”  Toronto, Canada 

Musa Entrepreneur - “I would like to thank you for a most pleasant evening. It was both informative and
rewarding. The presentation has opened my eyes to new directions.”  New Jersey

Gwendolyn - Business Trainer & Outreach Coordinator - "It was a pleasure listening to your advice on marketing at the workshop last Saturday! I heard you validate and enlarge on many of the things that my clients and I discuss in our workshops. I wish they all could have been there! Thanks again for visiting our fair city, The "Hostess City of the South". Savannah, GA

Our mission is simple and effective -- to close the gap between the greatness that an entrepreneur envisions and the greatness that an entrepreneur achieves, to indulge the creativity, analytical courage and natural talent inherent in the indomitable spirit of all small businesses, entrepreneurs and decision makers. We strive to do this by creating and promoting an environment that recognizes the power of the divine spark, encourages integrity, respects the science of business, and is readily accessible, functional and enjoyable. Not only do we recognize, but also we prove the truth of the popular adage, “Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

We strive to empower with information, audio leaning, mentoring and coaching, and challenging entrepreneurs to levels of success greater than they ever envisioned. We encourage and bring forth the excellence associated with each participate while bringing forth the excellence within ourselves.

The time to fish is now.

Transform your GOOD BRAND to a GREAT BRAND and Change the Life of Your Business.


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