LaTanya On-The-Radio

Our daily listeners span 67 countries and 52 US markets. ranks 17th in the world among online education/business talk radio – and continue to climb! radio is revolutionizing talk radio with critical information worth taking notes and gossiping about! Listeners around the world define the site as SMART BUSINESS RADIO.

LaTanya Junior, CEO and host of Smart Radio for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Organizations, rolls up her sleeves daily and instructs listeners to pull out pencil and paper. She empowers all who are willing to do the work, with the information needed to transform and create great brands and achieve business success, one day and one thought at a time. Her shows deliver personal warmth, no nonsense direction, and science based cutting edge insights, metrics and processes step-by-step.  In addition, every week LaTanya examines current events offering insights upon which entrepreneurs may capitalize and conducts interviews of leaders in business.  It's impossible not to learn. 

LaTanya’s distinctive style is straight-forward and down to earth and her shows are as encouraging and uplifting as they are intelligent, and practical.  LaTanya knows the science of business, how the world works, and what it takes to transform a good idea into a great business.  She contrives innovative ideas that navigate those listening toward success.  Topics include how to think in today’s marketplace, how to plan, fit and adapt in the new world of business locally, regionally, nationally and globally; she covers consumer behavior, business development, marketing metrics, brand building, campaign development, interactive/online marketing, research, strategic planning, media planning and formulas, communication strategies, and methods to prove effectiveness and validate ideas – and much more.

LaTanya’s show is a journey toward greatness, discussing issues, subjects, and practices in laymen’s in an effort to level the playing field.  TCB360 empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs with smart performance and growth strategies – leading the revolution to make the world a better place to live, work and do business.


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