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Infinite Possibilities.

Text Box:  LaTanya rolls up her sleeves daily and instructs listeners to pull out pencil and paper - She empowers all who are willing to do the work, with the information needed to create great brands and achieve business success, one day and one thought at a time. Her shows deliver personal warmth, no nonsense direction, and science based cutting edge insights, metrics and processes step-by-step.

LaTanya covers an array of current topics from brand building, integrative marketing, advertising, new media and online marketing to name a few. Junior provides up to date tips, tools, explanations, and new planning methods step by step. You can expect special guests, world opinions from entrepreneurs, organizations and experts.  Discuss hot topics and what’s on your mind; it’s impossible not to learn.

One Show. One Lesson. On Day at a Time.

LaTanya has facilitated over 581 Adult Education Business Workshops! Produced over 300 Audio Workshop Lectures

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For more information about individual or corporate consulting services contact LaTanya Junior at: or 202-545-1669


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