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In addition to course learning, TCB360 conducts seminars and lectures tailored for the particular audience or the specific needs or goals set out by the client. In essence, TCB360 customizes educational programs per client based on the client's vision, business goals, culture, operating environment, and objectives. These programs can also be licensed for ongoing training.

OPTION #1: Onsite Seminars & Workshops for: Small Business Programs; Organizations; Continuing Education Programs and Executive Programs

How We Work – Integrative Learning and Customizable Collaborations

The Corporate Boutique on-site programs feature a customized workshop for any firm, company, organization, network group or team that desires to bring affordable competitive innovative advance learning in-house. Workshops provide targeted brainstorming, concept development principles, industry research, strategy assessment, planning step by step and communications campaign and media development insights.

Program Collaboration Benefits:

Provide participants with access to live experts for real-time knowledge, experience and application support. Answer questions or clarify concepts related to the subject matter, help solve practical applications, or provide tips on how to best utilize what was learned in the seminar/classroom program. The program delivers targeted and actionable content that improves long-term knowledge retention, in addition to subject mastery and performance. Consistent dissemination of information and tune-up lessons are also provided.

Step 1: Assessing Your Needs: Our goal is to form a successful partnership. Our goal is to identify and thoroughly understand participant needs, and then tie program objectives and learning directly to those needs.

Step 2: Select Program(s) and Multiple Methods: Our goal is to provide a transformative learning experience that transcends the classroom and has significant impact. Therefore, we offer a customized teaching method to support the needs of participants and address real business issues.

Step 3: Deliver an In-Person Program: We facilitate a comprehensive program that seamlessly allows participants to work on live individual and organizational issues. Participants integrate the knowledge gained from the program into their work, and develop solutions that can be implemented upon returning to the office.

Collaboration Learning Solutions:

TCB360 Collaboration Learning combines instructor-led class training with online tune-up lessons and other resources to maximize each participant’s goals. Through a blend of instructor-led programs, seminars/workshops and powerful online technology, TCB360 Collaboration Learning provides a compelling and comprehensive experience for the learner, producing a greater return-on-investment and return-on-knowledge.

Step 4: TCB360 Online Tutor-up Program:

The Corporate Boutique, in-person and online programs deliver an interactive learning environment that guide the evolution of each participant, based on how they learn best. The programs are both easy to use, and promote a do it yourself framework.
Embedded within the foundation of the program is the key concept that adults learn best by making meaning of their experiences. We use visionary and scenario based planning techniques that ensure flexibility, transformative change, sound strategic decision-making and more innovative solutions in reaching new audiences. The TCB360 structure utilizes this concept, a staple within the program.


Creates a baseline of current comprehension:

Training Material Included: Course Book, Audio Case Studies and Planning Principles.

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