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1-800 Secrets to Greatness TCB360’s Teleconference Program

Red PhoneJoin handsThe new business model is one that involves your community and customers in an ongoing conversation about every aspect of your business, from the moment you conceived a product, to how you design it, to the supply chain that builds it and delivers it, to the way you collect and absorb customer feedback and respond more quickly to taste. There is available a platform from collaboration that all kinds of people from around globe can now plug and play, compete and connect on – in order to share work, exchange knowledge, start companies, and invent and sell goods and services. - Thomas L. Fried Man, The World is Flat.

Secrets to Greatness TCB360’s Teleconference Program - provides open business chats, new ideas, proven planning processing, customized lecture/workshops and encouragement.

One Call Can Increase Your Consciousness

Brainstorming that fuel innovative thinking!

Monthly teleconference calls, invite only for TCB360 Subscribers Member, Do It Your Self Membership and Free Members. Check TCB360 Calendar for subjects’ schedule:

tcb360 program schedulesGround Rules:
1) Focus on Quality
2) Welcome Unusual Ideas
3) No Criticism
4) Improve Ideas
5) Passionate Impact

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