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LaTanya’s on Skype - Talk face-to-face with live video
Video calls can make conversations much more interesting and intimate.

Transform the way you communicate, network, train and work, make working together with colleagues, clients and partners easy. With Skype free live video software and a webcam – quantum leap how you do business, learn and build relationships opportunities.

Need solutions? Want your questions answered live, from one of the leading business coaches in the world?
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LaTanya is an inventive smart storytelling; she’s engaging, intriguing, simple, and smart. There is a “consensus” amongst the large community small businesses and organizations - she’s an unique blend of tough love seasoned with innovative knowledge and uplifting - in a keep it simple, can do attitude, and by any means necessary style.  LaTanya programs are a journey toward greatness, discussing some of the most complicated issues, subjects, and practices in laymen’s terms in such a way that levels that playing field, proving that all can learn, do better and be better.

To Skype with

  1. Select a session package from
  2. GET SKYPE: Go to
  3. Click on video calling
  4. Download Skype free software
    1. Please note: You must have a webcam (if your computer is not equipped with a webcam, it’s necessary that you purchase webcam – they’re very affordable and easy to use)

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