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Text Box:  LaTanya Junior a born marketer is considered one of the most dynamic and unconventional innovative thinkers, planners, strategists, speakers and authors in marketing today.   Her broad expertise includes brand development, integrative marketing, strategic planning, advertising, research, collaboration ventures, and media services. Junior is a strategist who adheres to both traditional and non-traditional integrated marketing approaches.   Her background experience enables her to provide a divine and unique perspective. A fierce visionary, driven by passion, intellect and proven experience, she seamlessly merges the fundamentals of business know-how, woven with soul purpose. Thousands of listeners tune in as she coaches small business owners and entrepreneurs to success.   

Text Box:  Born in Harvey, IL, LaTanya was raised amid a strong community of small businesses and entrepreneurs.  In fact, both of her parents were passionate and successful entrepreneurs. Her father, Marvin Junior, lead singer of the Dells and world-renowned entertainer, singer, writer and Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, included his family in both his business and fame.   From the tender age of seven LaTanya recalls attending meetings and traveling on concert tours with her dad, witnessing his commitment, excellence and honesty. The Junior family worked as a team in the business planning, marketing, promotion and event planning.

LaTanya witnessed history unfold as the Dells placed on top billboard charts 46 times, received countless awards, honors and worked with many of the greatest bands in the music industry, including: Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Dinah Washington, Jackie Wilson, the Beach Boys, Gladys Knight, Mick Jaggar, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Anita Baker, James Brown, Robert Townsend, BB King, Bruce Springsteen, The Four Tops, Ray Goodman & Brown, Kenny Gamble, Lou Rawls, and many more.

Text Box:  LaTanya's mother, Ruby Junior, has been described as a deeply spiritual woman, honorable, fair and dignified.   Known as a southern woman who loves discovering the process of how things work, she has always provided practical applications and enforces the importance of accountability.   She would spend hours with LaTanya coaching her on the science of her studies.   With faith and sound principles, Ruby Junior successfully built the business Just The Right Touch, a hair care and style business, from the ground up.   Ruby Junior won numerous awards for her innovation and contributions to the hair care industry.

While the entrepreneurial journey of LaTanya's parents were riddled with much success, it was extremely difficult, particularly during the climate of the country at the time.   With a firm understanding of both the joys and challenges faced by the entrepreneur, LaTanya easily made the decision that some day she would own her own business - just as both of her parents.

At age seven, LaTanya made her first public speaking appearance and continued to speak publicly throughout her childhood.   She also spent most of her time volunteering with faith and community based programs - sometimes contributing ninety hours a month.   LaTanya's natural talents, public speaking, business, problem solving and volunteer experience greatly shaped her thinking and led to opportunities unlike those available to others her age. While most teens' first job was at a mall or fast food restaurant, her first job was with Rose's House of Charm/Motivating Individuals Career Achievement (MICA) at the age of 14.  Rose's House of Charm/MICA was one of Chicagolands largest talent agencies.   The agency provided personal coaching and event planning, managing up to fifty clients at any given time.

It was an opportunity that LaTanya didn't take lightly.   LaTanya worked with MICA's cliental, developed grassroots marketing campaigns, coached and served on MICA's executive planning and think tank team, facilitating nearly fifty events before the age of 18.   MICA secured roles for their clients in feature films and commercials such as the Gap, JC Penny, Sears and Burger King. They are also credited with the discovery of Emmy winning artist Michael Bolton and international designer Mark Baker, head designer of Donna Karan.  MICA continues to be an impact, developing and facilitating programs and workshops for the last 45 years. LaTanya continues to support MICA programs today.   These experiences awoke in LaTanya a twenty year journey.


Text Box:  Immediately after High School, LaTanya attended Robert Morris College seeking a business degree.   While traditional education proved challenging for LaTanya, due to a learning disability, LaTanya decided to leave Robert Morris to pursue an opportunity that arose in New York City.

Upon her arrival to New York, LaTanya landed her first job at Burson-Marsteller as a coordinator on the USA for Africa and Coke Cola accounts.   At the time Burson-Marsteller was the leading global public relations and public affairs firm in the world with 57 wholly-owned offices and 46 affiliate offices together operating in 59 countries across six continents . LaTanya worked under the tutelage of award winning PR Guru, Mr. Albert Schreiber.   This experience expanded LaTanya's creative strategic thinking and program execution know-how.

Shortly after the completed launch of the USA for Africa campaign, LaTanya joined the Mingo Group.   At that time the agency was led by legendary Advertising Hall of Famer, Frank Mingo. It was during that experience she began to learn the science of brand building, integrative marketing, consumer behavior touch points, and the science of metrics, measuring and media. The Mingo Group was a small power agency known for its diverse and mainstream client base.   The agency had won over a dozen industry awards and was billing 60 million a year.   This also made it one of the most impressive niche communication shops in New York City.   LaTanya worked as a Planner, Strategist and Researcher - validating campaigns, formulating marketing metrics actions and planning "long-handed" without the assistance of traditional database systems.

Text Box:   Frank Mingo and target marketing expert Debra Thomas quickly took notice of LaTanya's natural skills and sent her to participate in a market and media planning program that would both broaden and sharpen her talents and contributions.   Upon completion, she was quickly promoted.   She worked on the US Army ROTC, KFC, Denny's, US Postal, and Greyhound accounts.   On these accounts she planned all market segmentation, variable and brand experience touch points and all media vehicles. Debra Thomas, now LaTanya's mentor and personal coach, encouraged her to learn every critical area within the communications industry to use her unique business skill set and talent to the fullest.   It was advice that LaTanya took both to heart and execution.

LaTanya ventured on the client side of the spectrum when she accepted a strategic planning and marketing position at the American Institute for CPA's - AICPA .   There she was responsible for developing over 100 target market and direct response campaigns supporting, over a dozen financial industry areas throughout the US.   LaTanya's keen business insight and results were rewarded by promotion after promotion.   The success she brought to the organization led to acceptance by the NYU Executive Marketing Program for Marketing Directors and VPs, even without the required marketing degree.   LaTanya completed the program with a perfect score; the highest score amongst all participants. She enrolled in a second executive director marketing program instructed by writer and direct marketing guru Louis Geller. Each program dissected the science of every communication industry area . LaTanya's performances at the AICPA lead to    a second promotion. Shortly thereafter the AICPA re-organized the entire operations and relocated their headquarter offices.

LaTanya's thirst for expanding her knowledge in the areas of brand management, brand building and multiple tier planning experience led her to one of the top 3 communication agencies in the world, Grey Advertising. Grey, with 121 offices in 166 cities in 94 countries, ranks among the largest global advertising companies in the world. Grey's long standing reputation is for launching and building many of the worlds' leading brands, which includes one fifth of all Fortune 500 companies.

Known for best in class brand communications in every channel, Grey Advertising, amid constant change, focuses on accelerating the potential of the clients' brands across all touch points. On introduction with Grey Executive team, LaTanya was hired on the spot as a Brand Manger developing innovative concepts, brand building strategies, media planning and implementation for some of the worlds' largest brands, such as Novartis, Dannon Yogurt and Chap Stick.

Text Box:  LaTanya loved the essence of the business which often drove her to work on countless side programs as a coach or consultant.   One late night, she received a call, from Young & Rubicam's (Y&R) top account executive Terri Dukes, head of the 2000 US Census campaign who had heard of LaTanya's success. She invited LaTanya to work on the historic campaign. This was the biggest opportunity of LaTanya's career at this point in her life.   Y&R is a global collaborative network comprised of some of the most powerful brands in marketing communications.   Their billing extends into the billions and the agency is known for thoroughly dissecting the brand challenge so that they can bring precision to their recommendations and solutions - creating precisely the right communication. The 2000 US Census provided LaTanya an opportunity to work on the largest targeted campaign in the US. She passionately accepted the invitation and was appointed to head the development, planning , marketing and media team for the US diverse population.  

The campaign, one of the first of its kind, a multiple behavioral tiered program, seamlessly integrated cultural communication touch points and inspired, educated and motivated hundreds of millions to respond and be counted.   LaTanya traveled around the country, testing the planning, and speaking with local and national leaders.   The campaign evoked the greatest response ever in the history of all US Census campaigns - winning the team the highest honor award in the communications industry, the Ogilvy Award ! - It's equivalent to winning an Oscar!

After the completion and success of the 2000 US Census, LaTanya returned to Consultancy. LaTanya's hard worked and determination attracted a late night call from Verda Johnson of Stedman Graham & Partners (SGP). SGP was a subsidiary of Bozell Worldwide and True North Media, two of the largest communications agencies in the world. Verda invited LaTanya to develop and lead the Planning, Direct Marketing and Media divisions.

Text Box:  In just two short years, the SGP team increased their client base in record numbers, developing multicultural programs for Merck Pharmaceutical Books, Taco Bell, Bell Atlantic Mobile, State Farms Insurance, Chase Bank and JC Penney/Diane Carol Apparel.    LaTanya's outstanding performances at SGP led to additional opportunities. David Bell, CEO of True North Media invited LaTanya to serve as Executive Team Leader in developing the New America Strategies Group/True North Media that generated $200M during the first year. She led cross-divisional teams in the development and execution of a 360-degree integrated marketing program that entailed both traditional media and digital media initiatives. She was appointed to the US Federal Communications Commission as a co-board consulting member; recognized by then Vice President, Al Gore, in a Capitol Hill ceremony.  

That same year LaTanya was a recipient of a 40 Under 40 Achievement Award; an Ad   Hoc Instructor for the Direct Marketing Association for the top MBA students; impaneled as a Direct Marketing Association ECHO Award judge in 2000 and continued from 2003-2005.

Text Box:  Junior's childhood passion for the small business community always remained in her heart, while working on fortune 500 brands; she continued mentoring small businesses on weekends and evenings for Fleet Bank, NJ Entrepreneur Institute and Small Business Development Centers.

LaTanya was offered an opportunity of a life time:    to work with OGILVY & MATHER, at the time t he largest brand building and marketing agency, specializing in 360 brand stewardship - as Partner, Director of Strategic Planning.   She was on the lead team developing the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and WebMD Internet programs, which had a budget commitment of over $300M+. While she loved the opportunities and experiences that she gained from the corporate world; LaTanya's' vision navigated her back to her attraction to the small business community.

Leveraging her extensive background in planning, advertising, marketing and communications, LaTanya built The Corporate Boutique/TCB360 from the ground floor into a thriving business operation with a base of prominent clients that includes: Viacom, Jackson State University College of Business Global Brand Development initiatives, FUBU, The Johnnetta B. Cole Global Diversity Foundation, Power Girls Magazine Global, Diversity Women Magazine, The Anita Estell Group, 21 Century Foundation, Maroons Restaurants, Credit Empowerment Global, and George Foreman KO Products.  

LaTanya saw an opportunity to leverage the marketing know-how playing field and created, a revolutionary online network that expands business excellence to entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations - it's what we call a learning tune-up.   TCB360 has simplified the common, critical actions it takes to turn hopes and good intentions into great results. TCB360 has "boutiqued" the process to fit the needs of small businesses and the ever-changing landscape, an alternative to the corporate route that takes several months of planning. For nearly 10 years, the Corporate Boutique/, has "boutiqued" the corporate planning protocol for thousands of small businesses.   The names Corporate Boutique and TCB360 describe what we do - reveal the full circle of planning secrets and next level marketing metrics; rarely accessible and affordable insights to the small business world.   The information and instructions we make available is traditionally affordable only by big businesses that have delivered profitable rewards for centuries.

Text Box:    " Our program offers an unrivaled small business resource - we develop ideas, visions and brand essence from the inside out - breaking down the science using a unique format, structure and system - segmented by process, interest area, or problem, step-by-step and by the slice. Because change occurs at warp speed, the planning process must be fluid, authentic and organic, enabling a seamless connecting flow leading to growth!   We believe new ideas and perspectives are the fuel for any company's continued growth and innovation. Through TCB360, small businesses gain increased clarity of purpose for business planning, and the peace of mind of knowing the company is positioned for continued success." LaTanya Junior

Our mission is simple - to close the gap between the greatness that an entrepreneur envisions and the greatness that an entrepreneur achieves.  

We seek to indulge the creativity, courage and natural talent inherent in the indomitable spirit of all small businesses, entrepreneurs and decision makers. We strive to always help create and nourish an environment that recognizes the power of the divine spark, encourages integrity, respects the science of business, and is readily accessible, functional and enjoyable.  

Not only do we recognize, but also we prove the truth in the belief, "Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. - TCB360 TEACHES" LaTanya Junior

Text Box:  Junior's successes have been profiled and featured in various media, including Advertising Age; New York Times; Media Week; Ad Week; BRE Magazine; Brand Week; DRTV; PBS "A Moyers Report;" Black Enterprise; Crain Magazine; Amsterdam News; and as a BRE Magazine "Marketing and Business Watch" columnist and has shared her opinion and expertise on numerous radio shows.

LaTanya has taught at numerous Adult Educator programs at Lehman College/NYU, New York, Howard University/DC, Paterson University/NY and at Rutgers University Essex County (New Jersey), 2003-2009 Small Business Development Center Advisory Board member to name a few.

LaTanya has authored 3 books, 16 training cds, facilitated over 250 in person lectures/workshops throughout the US and Canada and hosted over 300 broadcast lessons – reaching loyal listeners in 67 countries!

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