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Text Box: Smart Radio for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs, rolls up her sleeves daily and asks listeners to pull out their pencils and pads and do the work it takes to create great brands and achieve business success. Her presentations are delivered with personal warmth, no nonsense direction, and science based cutting edge insights, metrics and processes step-by-step.  It's impossible not to learn. 

LaTanya's distinctive style is straight-forward and down to earth and her shows are informative, encouraging, uplifting, inspiring, intelligent, challenging, and practical.  Topics include brand building, campaign development, research, strategic planning, media planning, communication strategies, market positioning, measurement, traceability, and methods to prove strategy effectiveness and validate ideas and innovations, and more.   TCB360 empowers entrepreneurs with the smart way to sustain performance and growth – taking businesses full circle, 360 critical degrees leading toward the creation of great brands.

It is a multi-level program that engages and supports small businesses, ranging from those generating yearly profits under one million to those generating millions, entrepreneurs around the world learn based on their individual needs and speed.   LaTanya Junior, fully engaged and visible in the business community empowers entrepreneurs to THINK, USE NEW PLANNING METHODS, TEST and ACT.

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